Carrying out competitions

Formation of creative thinking is one of the fundamental principles of learning. Active learning and development thinking occurs only when there is a problem, encouraging the search for new, innovative solutions.

KSTU organizes international and regional remote Olympiad in Informatics and programming using the latest information and Internet technologies yearly.


The purpose of the Competitions is:

  • identify the most gifted young people by their participation in distance competitions of pupils and students;
  • drawing the attention of pupils and students an in-depth study of Informatics and computing;
  • logical, creative thinking of pupils and students, the awakening of interest in solving non-standard programming tasks;
  • demonstrating of using abilities of the Internet.

Lecturers of Dept Kan O.A., Khrustalev D.P., Kudysheva G.O. actively participating in a regional competition among schoolchildren on Informatics with the active promotion of income students in KSTU.

Winners of the IV-th international Remote programming Olympiad 2009 for students and schoolchildren.
Korobov А., КSTU, VT-05-2
School Students:
Artemov К., Gymnasium No. 9, 10A class.

Winners of the V-th international Remote programming Olympiad 2010 for students and schoolchildren.
Kim, KarGTU, group W-08-2
School children:
Alexander Popov, 11class,  Gymnasium No. 97