Calendar plan supervisory hours for 1-4 grade students on prevention of religious extremism on one semester of 2015-2016 academic year

s/p Topics of supervisory hours Study weeks
1 Religion as a Cultural Phenomenon 1 week
2 The role of religion in human life and society 2 week
3 Contemporary religious situation in Kazakhstan 3 week
4 Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations” 4 week
5 Spiritual foundation of society 5 week
6 Law “On Countering Extremism” from February 18, 2005 № 31 6 week
7 Ways to counter the spread of religious extremism 7 week
8 Extremism and terrorism: psychological and theological approaches 8 week
9 Religious extremism as a socio-political phenomenon 9 week
10 Religio-political movement, banned in Kazakhstan 10 week
11 Totalitarian Sects – the threat of religious extremism 11 week
12 Wahhabism as an ideology of radical religious and political extremism 12 week
13 Humanism as a value basis for the dialogue of believers and nonbelievers 13 week
14 The role of N.A Nazarbayev in providing interfaith harmony Kazakh society 14 week