С 23 сентября по 18 октября курс лекций прочитал Руководитель Центра солнечной энергии Митко Стоев

Course of lectures with invited professors from top world universities 

By invitation of the Higher Matematics department as part of working with invited professors from top world universities on the base of our university from 23.09.19 to 18.10.19 a lectures in the course were read by Doctor of Engineering, Associate Professor of South-West University “Neofit Rilki” (Bulgaria), Head of Solar Energy Centre Mitko Stoevon the themes: Applied Photovoltaics: Solar cells, PV modules, PV generators, PV plants, Energy mix, Design of Solar energy centers etc.

The lectures were attended by students, master students and university employees, which have noticed this course’s relevance, as well as a creative approach to the material’s presentation.

The foreign experts’ work allows us to develop students’ competencies through new knowledge and teaching methods from the modern approaches position to the educational process and is aimed at internationalizing education at the University.