Biography of the head of department


AIZHAMBAEVA Saule Zhakeshovna

Born August 31, 1960 . In 1985 she graduated from the Moscow Machine Tool Institute, specializing in precision mechanics devices . After graduation he worked as an engineer in the laboratory, Chair of “Hoisting plant and machine parts ” of the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute. In 1989 – 1995 she worked as a teacher of the Department “Drawing and labor training” Zhezkazgan Pedagogical Institute, 1995- 1997 g. assistant and in 1997 – 2006 years of senior teacher of “Mechanical Engineering and repair of mining machines” Zhezkazgan University. OA Baykonurov. 01.09.2006 was adopted as a senior lecturer of Mechanical Engineering of the University im.E.A.Buketova, in 2009 she defended her thesis for the degree of candidate of pedagogical sciences, specialty 13.00.08 – Theory and Methods of Professional Education. In 2010-14 he worked in the post of assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering of the University im.E.A.Buketova and part-time associate professor of 0.5 bets “Instrument” KSTU. 02.09.2014 city adopted an assistant professor of “Instrument”. It conducts training courses on subjects’ Qualimetry and easily interchangeable bases, “” Designing mechanisms instrumentation “,” Mathematical foundations of computer science, metrology and measurement. ” Over the period 2000-2015 has 63 scientific and methodical publications, including 3 textbooks, electronic textbooks 6.Since September 2015 has been working as head of the department “Measurement techniques and instrumentation”.