Biography of Chairman

He was born 21.03.1947y. in Tamga Issyk-Kul region of Kirghiz SSR. He graduated from the Leningrad Electrotechnical institute named V.I.Ulyanov (Lenin) on a specialty “Dielectrics and semiconductors” in 1971.

He served as an officer in the Pacific Fleet since 1971 to 1974. He worked as an engineer senior engineer, senior researcher, head of the Laboratory of Mining Department of the Institute of electric named A.A.Skochinskogo (Karaganda) since 1974 to 1986.

1987-1988 – Head of the Laboratory of Karaganda Research Coal Institute;

1988  – Associate Professor.

Since 1994 is Head of the department of automation of manufacturing processes KarPTI (KSTU).

Under the direction of professor J.V.Breido and at its direct participation the complex of works on creation of semi-conductor electric drives and electric equipments for the enterprises of mountain-metallurgical industries, devices and monitoring systems, program and hardware-software systems of automation of the industrial enterprises is executed. Including are executed Scientific Research papers and ОКР on researches and creation experimental and pre-production models of tiristors electric drives of feeders of coal-mining combines, scraper and tape conveyors, chisel machine tools of prospecting drilling; modernization of electric drives of dredges of type of an electrocardiogram on coal cuts of Kazakhstan is carried out; the electric equipment and control systems of technological lines on the linoleum manufacture, introduced in Kazakhstan and in Ukraine is developed and made. Last years working out is carried out and the batch production of devices of protection against currents of leak of an electric equipment of dredges and chisel machine tools which are successfully maintained at the mountain enterprises of Kazakhstan is mastered. Now it is let out more than 500 devices.

Under the direction of J.V.Breido are hardware-software and virtual laboratory complexes on the basis of software technical and imitating modeling, industrial controlers and computers, SСАDА-systems, physical and virtual simulators of objects of control of management which are introduced in 9 high schools of Kazakhstan are created.

He has prepared 1 doctor and 7 Candidates of Engineering Sciences.

He has published more than 600 scientifically-methodical works, from them 148 over the last 5 years, has published 16 manuals, 9 of them over the last 5 years, has 30 inventions.