Bazarbayev Bibarys Kenzhebayuly, a student of Karaganda Technical University named after Abylkas Saginov, Faculty of Innovative Technologies.

Won the Astana Hub Tech Orda funding program. This is a program of financial support for private programming schools by the state and the technopark. Where 100 students received financial support in the amount of 600,000 tenge each to gain IT skills.

“This program is open to all programming schools, to all students, so we invite you: use it. Starting next year, we will scale this program. With the support of the government, we plan to support 20,000 students in this way by 2025. We have business programs, incubation programs, acceleration programs. Almost 1000 projects are supported. A lot of graduates of the program are already encountered by Kazakhstanis in everyday life: when, say, you park a car, teach children online, rent apartments, make repairs in an apartment, hire a master at home, use pregnancy tracking services, child safety tracking — these are the products of our graduates, who are actively developing in local and foreign markets today,” — Magzhan Madiyev, General Director of the international technopark of IT startups Astana Hub, told.

In 2021, 35 startups were funded under the SEED MONEY program, and next year it is planned to support at least 50 startups at the seed stage. Astana Hub also helps the government in the development of Innovation friendly regulation of legislative projects, close cooperation with the AIFC is underway.

“Our activity is becoming attractive for large technology companies. We are actively cooperating with them to ensure that Kazakhstan is not just a sales market, but a platform for creating jobs, innovation centers, laboratories. So that they come and invest in our companies. Today we have signed a memorandum with Transtelecom on the joint launch of the program with the largest American business incubator. Together with MTS, we are launching a 5G center based on Astana Hub. When 5G becomes widespread in the world, our startups, our products will already be ready to enter these markets,” the head of Astana Hub expressed confidence.

Bibarys (a student of the Sib-21-1 group, curator B.Rysbekkyzy) won an internal grant at the ELEMENT IT School on the subject of Back end development in Python.