Bauyrsak-fest at ASF

Due to the fact that this year we decided to give a new impetus to the celebration of Nauryz in Kazakhstan. On March 15, 2024, the ASF held the Nauryz holiday in a special format. At the suggestion of the SMIT department, we decided to hold a festival of Kazakh cuisine, where the main element will be Kazakh bauyrsak, which is our brand, our pride.

The festive Bauyrsak-fest was opened with a welcoming speech by the dean of the faculty, Imanov M.O. Then the Chairman of the KarTU Alumni Association, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honorary Elder Intykov Tokmyrza Saparuly spoke with a festive blessing (bata). The festive shashu ceremony was conducted by S.K. Nurpeisova, associate professor of the Department of Russian Nuclear Culture.

A touching moment of the holiday was the ceremony of covering the anniversaries of ASF Akhmediev S.K. and Kropachev P.A. with a chapan.

The vice-rector for educational work of KarTU Kalykov A.K. delivered a welcoming speech on behalf of the rector’s office, who noted that honoring the elders of the faculty is a tradition of the Kazakh people and that this respect for elders is a good example for our students.

The decoration of the holiday was the concert program prepared by ASF students.

And the culmination of the holiday was treating the students to bauyrsaks and other national dishes. The departments of SMIT, RYAC, Mechanics and A&D prepared 1000 bauyrsaks for ASF students so that every student could taste the Kazakh national dish and feel the atmosphere of the holiday.