Award nominations in KSTU

In order to enhance efficiency in teaching, research, educational, administrative and economic activity, and  revitalization and improvement of quality of training of students, undergraduates, doctoral students, in all divisions of the University meetings were held, which resulted in the Competition Commission recommended that employees, who in 2015 contributed  to the development of the University in the following categories:


  1. “The best faculty”;

I place — faculty of Machine building (Dean Erakhtina I. I.)

II place — Faculty of Power engineering, automation and telecommunications (Dean Bulatbayev F. N.)

III place — faculty of Mining (Dean Ozhihin S. G.).


  1. “The best Department”;

I place — Department of  Nanotechnology and metallurgy (acting head  Kulikov V. Yu.)

II place — the Department of mine Surveying and geodesy (head Nizametdinov F. K.),

III place — the Department of Development of mineral deposits (head Isabek T. K.).


  1. “Teacher of the year”;

I place — Breido, I.V, head. DEP. AIP named after V. F. Byrka, d.t.s.,

II place — Demin V. F., Prof., DEP. EMD, d.t.s.,

III place — Isabek T. K., head. DEP. EMD, d.t.s.


  1. “The best young scientist-innovator”;

I place — Imashev A. Zh., PhD, senior lecturer. DEP. EMD,

P place — Shabanov E. Zh., doctoral candidate, DEP.NTM,

III place — Demina T. B., Assoc. DEP. MAandLP



  1. “The best student-innovator”;

I place — Abeuzar M. Ch., st.of gr. FIT-13-lc,

II place — Muratov A. K., st.of gr. RET-13-1,

III place — Zhaksylykbay N. B., st.of gr. DG-12-1.


  1. “Best student”;

I place — Kusbekova M. B., st.of gr. CT-12-l,

II place — Akhmetchina T. K., st.of gr. KI-13-2,

III place — Ivanov S.S., st.of gr. MASH-13-4



  1. “The best curator”;

I place — Asylbekova N.U., teacher of  DEP. IT, curator of the gr. OP-12-2,

II place — Amantayev N. G., senior lect. DEP. IEandCh, curator of the gr. BT-14-2,

III place — Koshmaganbetovs Zh. B., senior lecturer. DEP. EEandM, curator of the gr. FEM-14-1.


  1. “Best student group”;

I place — gr. SKS-12-1 (the curator senior lecturer. Baikenova D. Kh.),

II place — gr. HTOV-13-2 (the curator of senior lecturer. Ostapenko M.S.),

III place — gr. FIT-13C (curator Assoc. prof. Sultanova B. K.)


  1. “Best room in the hostel № 1”


I place — room No. 206 (students gr. MV-15-1 Bazarbay A., Akhmetzhan N., Imandosova A., Burkiva A.),

II place — room No. 330 (students gr. EE-15-1 Ernazar  Zh., Ralhmetov F., Yesimov D., gr. TE-15-1 Zhuman E.),

III place — room No. 410 (students gr. C-15-1 Keles U., Yesirgen Zh., Sultanbek N., PGR-15-1 Tazhi S.).


  1. “The best Dorm room of HC AO”;

I place — section # 616: room No. 617 (st. gr. MET-15-5  Tuganova, st. gr. MET-15-2 Kabildina S.); room No. 618 (st. gr. MET-14-4  Zhaksybayeva, students gr. MET-14-3 Yezhibekova A., Seyilova S.)  of  Engineering faculty,

II place — room No. З21(st. gr.TE-14-1 Kayirli B., st.  gr. EE-15-2P Tailakbayev A., st. gr.T3-15s  Seilbekov D. ) of the faculty of  Power engineering, automatics and telecommunications,

III place — room No. 756 (students gr. Arch-15-1 Bauyrzhanov E., Islambek N.) of faculty of Architecture and construction.


  1. “The best structural unit”;


I place — Printing-duplicating workshop (head Rybina A. I.),

II place —   SRI EET (head Tleulina G.Zh.),

III place —Library (dir. Beisembaeva B. O.).


12. “The best division of administrative services”.I place — The works catering  (Ivashkina O. P.),II place — Garage (mechanic Tusupbaeva D. M.),III place — Housing complex “Armandastar Ordasy” (administrator Alimzhanova S. K.) and Dormitory No. 1 (administrator Ilyasova M. A.)