Autumn cross

On 17.09.2022 in the city’s central park, the traditional Golden Autumn cross was held among university students, colleges, PL students, production teams and veterans of “40+”.

The teams of the Abylkas Saginov KarTU performed at these competitions in the following composition:

Men ‘s national team

  1. Zhanuzakov Ilyas Itm 21-3;
  2. Subbotin Dmitry EE 21-4;
  3. Semenov Danil MASH 21-2;
  4. School Vadim IS 21-3;
  5. Nygyzhanzharas From 21-1;
  6. Alekseev Andrey IS 21-3;
  7. Tokarev Alexander GR 21-4

Women ‘s national team

  1. Bezgina Julia TSAF 20-3;
  2. Kalashovasania GR 22-3;
  3. Marenova Alina EE 20-3;
  4. Yerbolkyzyaruna GD 21-3;
  5. Shulenbaevaayymst 21-1
  6. Serikova Janelle With 21-2;
  7. Vasilina Violetta GPR 21-4.

The coaches of the teams are teachers of the Department of Physical Education Saidulin V.N., Cherkesova O.Y.

According to the results of the competition, the women’s national team won silver medals (second place), the men’s national team won bronze medals (third place). Coverage of 16 people.