Theme: Astana is a dream of the President, a place of harmony and comfort

Theme: Astana is a dream of the President, a place of harmony and comfort. Date: 18.10.2018 15: 55 AUD.: 430 main building purpose: to educate students to new alternative, creative,unusual ideas, hard work, honesty, free expression of their thoughts.Development of search, research activities of students, inculcation of skills. Get information about the main city of the country Astana. Here you can get acquainted with international events that took place at different levels.The purpose of the event: education of students ‘ Patriotic feelings, love for their Homeland, pride in their Homeland.

Methods used: the method of moderation, the” three step interview ” themed workout.

Equipment: computer, interactive whiteboard, projector, multimedia speakers. Participants: students of the group fit-18-1(SIB).

During the curatorial hours

  1. Organizational Stage 1 stage(creation of a free and reliable atmosphere) the Curator: will introduce the topic, objectives,plans of the On this topic, a brief survey of students. 1. General provisions of the City, which was the capital of Kazakhstan? 2.In what year did Astana become the capital as a whole? 3.In General, what led to the fact that Astana is the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan? A video about the development of Astana (3 min) will be shown.
  1. The main part of stage 2 (identification and formulation of the topic or subject of discussion) Curator: split the group in Sent Material. The step of the discussion is explained.(2min). Topic 3(discussion of topics in small groups and General presentation of results). (12 min.)


  • Warm-up: Curator: excursion to the sights and buildings of

At this stage, students of two groups choose a cell and find the names of buildings in Astana by the image specified in this cell. (10 min) Curator: a journey through history through the traditional game “Hantalapay”. At this point, the students of the two groups take part in the game and get points by clicking on the asyks. The group that didn’t hit, selects a question on the given cells, fills in the scores.(14 min)


  1. Political information: students Students who came to our University to study from Uzbekistan, learn about Kazakhstan, Astana and Express their opinion about the exhibition “EXPO-2017”. (2 min) stage 4 (summarizing and clarifying the results of the work) Curator: summarizes the past topic.Students demonstrate their

imagination” vision of Astana in the future”,” Astana in my dream”,” contribution to the further development of the country”. (3min) 5 stage (summing up the work and exchange of impressions) generalization of the topic. Report which group won.(4min)