«Assembly Fund of people of Kazakhstan»

ANK-logoDear ladies and gentlemen!

Do you want to spend your vacation with benefit?

Therefore you are a participant of the project «Assembly Fund of people of Kazakhstan» held together with methodical centre “Tildaryn” and Educational centre «LSEGroup» from June 25 to August 13, 2013 in Turkey in the resort area Belek International cultural and educational project of the “Диалог.KZ”, which is a continuation of the successfully implemented in 2012 culturological project «Integration, Language, Culture, Customs, Traditions» (Turkey, Kemer).
The General sponsor of the project in approbation part of the unique method of studying state language «Tildaryn» was Bank of Development of Kazakhstan.
Tour operator of the project-company is «ElsenalTravel».
Well-known public figures and scientists, deputies, employees of state bodies and national companies, businessmen, journalists, non-governmental organizations, ethnocultural associations and youth rook participation in the project. The project is divided into seven seven-days seasons with different programmes:

The 1st season is on the June 25 – 02 July 2013,the 2nd season is on the 2 July – 9 July 2013, the 3rd season is on the 9 July -16 July 2013, the 4th season is on the July 16 – July 23, 2013, the 5th season is on the July 23 – July 30, 2013, the 6th season is on the  July 30 – 6 August 2013, the 7th season is on the August 6 – August 13, 2013.
Advantages of participation in the project «Dialog.KZ»:imgres
• free passage of intensive training on studying Kazakh language on innovative method of «Tildaryn»;
• free passage of trainings on studying English language by the author’s method of famous Russian linguist Dmitry Petrov;
• free training in public speaking skill;
• free passage of seminars for teachers and Methodists on the innovative method of «Tildaryn»
• participation in interesting project programmes: contests, forums, conferences, round tables;
• getting of international certificates for completing the project programmes;
• meetings with famous and successful people;
• a wonderful vacation on the sea coast in one of the best hotels in Turkey PapillonZeugmaс service system HighClassAllInclusiveг. Belek!

imagesYou acquire only the package tour that includes flight, transfer, medical insurance, accommodation in a five star hotel. The cost of the package tour for 1 person is 1550 USD, for children up to 12 years discount is provided. Participating in the project, you save on the amount of package tour. 200-2500 USD, taking part in trainings 150 000 – 200 000 KZT = savings will be 180 000 – 250 000 KZT. A good rest in a good company of interesting people is priceless…
Hurry up to take part in this exciting and profitable project!
Applications for participation in the Project «Dialog.KZ» You can apply by phone: +7(7172) 46-79-73, +7 (7172) 79-73-78, +7 (7172) 91-08-50, +7 701 73 530 30 – Nurbanu Saparovna Molshina, e-mail: info@tildaryn.kz, sites: www.tildaryn.kz. Payment is made in cash and non-cash way in tenge at the exchange rate of the Tour operator. For collective applications discounts are provided!
Departure is from Astana.
Applications will be accepted month before of the selected season.

Programme of the dialog.KZ project