Kasembekova Asel

After leaving school there is a big question for all of us. Where we will go to study? Whom we will be? During studying at school I dreamed to become scholarship holder of “Bolashak” program, and promised myself do everything I can to realize this dream. So in August, 2009 together with the Karaganda State Technical University I also have applied my documents to the “Bolashak” program. I won the grant at Karaganda State Technical University on a programme «Information technologies» and have studied there almost one year.

During the year in consequence of my teachers and friends I learned many things, in consequence of these people’s support my main objective was: to be owner of the international scholarship of “Bolashak” programme. International scholarship “Bolashak” made with by support of the Head of the State gives opportunity for talented youth to get the best professional education abroad and in future to be useful for own country. To study by “Bolashak” programme was unobtainable impossible, because I grew in Shetskiy district of Karaganda region. We, who grew up in the countryside, don’t know foreign language as we used to, but a good knowledge of foreign language is one of the main and complicated criterions for the scholarship applicants. Recently Head of the state introduced 10 changes in rules of applicants selection for scholarship, where for young people of countryside and state employees was introduced a special quota and points for passing foreign language decreased.

It gave big opportunity for those who grew in the countryside as I did to try their chance. It’s necessary to work hard and a lot if you want to reach something. The main aim for me is to know English perfectly. Our state made all conditions and provided absolutely free education, we must realize big responsibility, to study excellently and work a lot. Using this opportunity I want to express great gratitude to our Head of the state for my being owner of the “Bolashak” scholarship by the rural quota and studying in far Great Britain. Of course gained experience  at KSTU and help of the teachers and obviously support of the relatives and friends helped me a lot. I express my gratitude to my sister, who showed right way for reaching of set objectives and to overcome difficulties.

Kassembekova Assel