Article of February 2014

Quality of education: grants and guarantees

Three steps to a public educational Corporation

The genetic code of innovations

Five questions for Russian universities

Merge in the Russian higher education: motives, costs, opportunities

The lift in the future

Milestones of successful development

Benefits and pitfalls of applied bachelor programs

Accreditation in Education :


Guarantee of quality

Towards global competitiveness

Commercialization of universities in the context of reforms

Architecture Kazakhstan School of clearly defined

The Future of Science – for interdisciplinary issledovanimya

With the ” molecular sieve “on the steps of innovation ladder

Express – forum

Priority is given to science

Program “Green Metallurgy”

The new model of classical university

The scope of work of high school

Design and implementation of applied baccalaureate programs

Education: through the prism of two paragidm

By primordial atmosphere of spirituality

All good things have continuation


Questions of life, or education and preparation

The continuity of ethno-cultural education in the family and educational institutions

The role of environment in the upbringing and development of young generation

Classification of technology professional developmental education in the University