ART MEETING in the museum

The teacher of the Department of Higher Mathematics of the Karaganda Technical University named after Abylkas Saginov Kabiyeva Kabiyeva Gulnar Kashkimbaevna, together with the staff of the Karaganda Regional Museum of Fine Arts, organized for students 1st year students of the Log-22-2 and Log-22-2c groups of Karaganda Technical University. Abilkas Saginova University “Development of valuable qualities of students through culture. The unique format of the event made it possible to create a cozy atmosphere of conversation, when every participant is full of good thoughts, and the surrounding photos and paintings fill the soul with the pleasant aroma of childhood or the excitement of imagination. leads the soul into the mists of history.

A visit to a museum has a significant impact on the development of critical thinking, historical empathy and tolerance, and forms an aesthetic approach to culture and art objects. All the participants of the event are art lovers, and the museum staff always try to tell and show something special, so every meeting is a new event, unusual and interesting. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts and find out! During the excursion, the students were told that the museum is the only art museum in Karaganda region, that it opened its doors in 1988 as a fine art department of the regional history and local history museum, but was opened a year later in 1989. considering the individual status of the museum of fine arts. The museum has a rich collection of Kazakh, Russian and Western European art of the 17th-21st centuries and is one of the central spiritual and cultural objects of the city. Traditional reporting exhibitions of the Karaganda Union of Artists, individual exhibitions-competitions, jubilee, thematic, memorial, etc. are held here. The museum collection is constantly replenished with new unique exhibits, its doors are always open to all art lovers. Here they will tell about the paintings of Karaganda, Kazakhstan and the CIS, conduct a tour of Karaganda’s graphics, bookplates, decorative arts and sculptures. They will show their rarities, in particular, the collection “Forgotten Time” about Soviet artists; statues of white marble; paintings, in particular, ancient icons, interesting paintings with portraits, landscapes, still lifes. The paintings dedicated to the work of Van Gogh and Claude Monet are especially memorable. Although their works are preserved in many museums of the world – these are Marmottan-Moret (France, Paris), Nelson-Atkins (USA, Kansas City), Metropolitan (USA, New York), Hermitage (Russia, St. Petersburg), New Pinakothek (Germany, Munich), National Gallery (Australia, Canberra), we were lucky to see it in our museum.

All the participants of the event expressed warm feelings about the museum and called it a place to relax your soul!!!