Arrival of a foreign scientist from South Ural State University (Russia)

A foreign scientist from the South Ural State University (Russia), PhD, Associate Professor Konstantin Okishev, arrived at the Karaganda Technical University, at the Department of «NTM» according to the program of attracting foreign specialists to teaching from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Within the framework of this program, the foreign scientist conducted consultations, lectures and seminars for students, undergraduates and doctoral students, as well as master classes and trainings for the teaching staff of our department.

Meeting with a foreign scientist, PhD, Associate Professor Konstantin Akishev, with the teaching staff and doctoral students of the department

Consultation with foreign scientists: the
process of discussing a doctoral dissertation

Master class for the teaching staff of the Department of NTM on the topic «Phase transformations and strength of alloys»

Seminar for 3rd year students of the Met-19-3 group

Online video lecture recording