Arrival of a foreign scientist from the Krakow University of Technology (Krakow, Poland)

According to the program of attracting foreign specialists to teaching activities of the “Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University”, Associate Professor, PhD King Korneenko, “Krakow Technological University” (Krakow, Poland) has been working at the Department of “Nanotechnology and Metallurgy” since September 26.

The foreign scientist was introduced to the teaching staff of the Department of Nanotechnology and Metallurgy and was familiarized with the capabilities of the laboratories of the department.

Visiting the laboratories of the Department “Nanotechnology and Metallurgy”:PhD Kinga Kornienko, Head of the Department “NTM” c.t.s., prof. Kulikov V.Yu.

Visit to the “Engineering Research Laboratory” “KORMS” PhD Kinga Korneenko, head of ILIP “KORMS” PhD, Andreyashchenko V.A.

Visit to the “International Center of Materials Science” PhD Kinga Kornienko, Head of the Department “NTM”, c.t.s., prof. Kulikov V.Yu., c.t.s., prof. Kwon St.S.

Classes are held for undergraduates and students studying at “Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University” in the educational programs “Metallurgy”, “Materials Science and technology of new materials”.

Lecture lesson for second-year undergraduates, groups MVM -21-1, MetM-21-1, MetM-21-2

Lecture session for fourth-year students, groups MV-19-1, MET-19-3 (MV)

Seminar for second-year students, group MV-21-1

Training seminar for young scientists, doctoral students of the Department  “Nanotechnology and Metallurgy”

Seminar for the teaching staff of the Department “Nanotechnology and Metallurgy”