“Armsyң, әz Nauryz”

On March 17 2017, the regional «aitys of akyns» “Armsyң, әz Nauryz”, dedicated to two anniversary- the 350th anniversary of the birth of Kazybek bi and the 150th anniversary of Aset Naimanbayuly, was held. In this aitys took part a 2nd year student of the transport and road faculty of the Karaganda State Technical University, a member of the scientific circle ” The traditions of national education ” – Beisembek Syrym. Among the 20 participants, he took an honorable third place. The head is senior lecturer, master of pedagogical sciences of the department of “Kazakh language and culture” Abilkasov Gabiden Majitovich.

photo from ortalyq.kz