Alaev Alexander

October 20, 2011 will celebrate 30 years as one of the oldest workers KSTU Senior Lecturer Col. Alaev Alexander, continuously working for the military department.

During the years of service in the department, Colonel AA Alaev released 3647 officers tankers for the USSR Armed Forces and the RK.


The activities of Colonel AA Alaeva not limited to the teaching of military disciplines. During the years of service, he developed and implemented a 12 rationalization proposals, is the best Methodist military department, under his leadership, created training videos, electronic presentations, training manuals for fire training. For his work, was awarded government awards the badge “Distinguished Lecturer KSTU” nominal wristwatch from the Minister of Defense.

The staff of the military department congratulates Colonel Alaeva AA with the 30th anniversary of the wishes and good health, prosperity and continued success in the training of highly qualified officers tankers for the Armed Forces of our country.