Akizhanova Zhuldiz Orazalievna

The master of economy and business, the assistent of chair «Organization of production».

In  2005-2009 years  – has appointed  a bachelor of management in Karaganda Economic University of  Kazpotrebsouz

2009-2010 гг. – has appointed  a master  of economy and business degree  in Karaganda Economic University of  Kazpotrebsouz.

Within the framework of competition of a degree master of economy and business she has written the dissertation on a theme «Working out and substantiation of strategy of development of manufacture», in which was investigated the problem of introduction at the domestic enterprises.  System of the standards of quality- ISO  9000, 9001.

The  author  of scientifically – research clause within the framework of realization of  the  conference  ”Development of industrial region in  Republic of Kazakhstan ” of the Karaganda State university of the  name of academician E.A. Buketov, and  the author of  scientific clause of the collection of faculty the Finance of the Karaganda Economic university of  Kazpotrebsouz.

Working  at the Karaganda State Technical University since October of  2010 year.