Aina Bekezhanova

There is the program TCS-Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Sınavı (examination of the Turkish Republic) for many years in Kazakhstan. The Government of the Republic of Turkey offers grants for studying master’s and doctorate programs in the universities of Turkish Republic in the fields of “Software Engineer”, “Nanotechnology, chemistry, physics,” “Biotechnology”, “Economics”, “Aviation engineer, machine building” “International relations”, “Food industry” “Geology” “Geophysics”, “Industry”, “Mining engineer”, “Telecommunications”, “Information security in information systems”, “Engineer of textile goods”, “Engineer of oil and gas “,” Metallurgy”,” Architecture “,”Construction engineer”,” Public Administration”,”Tourism”, “Technology of light industry”, “Fishery”.
In 2010-2011 academic year under the master program 39, doctorate program 6 people received the grants. 15 of those enrolled in Ankara, the other 30 in Istanbul.

The first year of study, independent from the programme (MSc, PhD) is studied  Turkish language, a course of which is called TÖMER, at the University of Ankara. There are many representatives of Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, China, Korea, Afghanistan, Albania, Africa and etc. at University of Ankara.

First, we distributed over the levels of knowledge of  Turkish language, because among us there were some students who have graduated from Turkish high schools (i.e, previously studied and know  Turkish language), and those who have not studied up to training and  don’t speak Turkish language. And here we are, that is, students who do not know the language, began to study it with the alphabet). Language essentially is not difficult and very similar to our native Kazakh language. University has  very qualified teachers who work with the foundation of the programme TCS. Classes are held 24 hours a week. Examination is taken after each lever, which consists of 5 parts: Dialogue (check of the level of spoken language), Grammar, Listening (test for the perception of language, with the help of audio, video), Reading (texts, after reading you must perform a number of tasks), Writing. A certain amount of time is given for all and balls are set. The maximum score is 100 to pass to the next level you need to gain 60, but there are pass grade at each level. Except classes there are also various events, where representatives from each country present their culture.

TCS (Examination of the Turkish Republic) is passed after finishing TÖMER, by results of which we pass documents to universities of Turkey. There is own package of documents in each university. Education may be in English (full), 30% of English and 70% of Turkish respectively and completely in Turkish.
There is a very good attitude to students from Kazakhstan in Ankara and generally in Turkey. There is “Kazakhstan” street and a monument to our President Nursultan Nazarbayev.
I would like to thank our President Nursultan Nazarbayev for the honour and for chance given to talented youth to study abroad. Thanks so much to teachers at  University (KSTU), and an employee of the international department Zholmagambetova B.R. for their support and understanding.
Live and study abroad – is always difficult, but here we all feel comfortable, independent and more responsible, as we are representatives of our native country Kazakhstan!

Aina Bekezhanova

A graduate of 2010,
Karaganda State Technical University,
Department of Energy, Communications and Automation
Department of Telecommunications of communications systems,

Specialty “Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications”
Ankara Üniversitesi, TÖMER.