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Verification and Synthesis
correct and safe systems


On August 4, August 16, 2015

Academic Director

O. Grumberg
J. Esparza

Executive Director

Катарина Шпионы



Summer School Marktoberdorf courses two weeks for young scientists and mathematicians, computer, working on formal approaches to the accuracy and security of software systems. In recent years, ordinary citizens have become daily users of internet banking, social networking and cloud services. Avoiding failure of these services, as well as the protection of the integrity of sensitive data from cyber attacks has become one of the main tasks of society as a whole. Computer science is not only responsible for the development of new technologies and systems to solve this problem, but their scientific foundations. In recent decades, computer scientists have developed and continues to develop the theory of formal verification: methodologies body, algorithms and software tools to find bugs or security threats in existing software, or to ensure, with the rigor of a mathematical proof that they do not exist. The goal of the school to present the latest achievements in this field. The course is designed to give in-depth presentation of the state-the-art in the field of research and industrial practice. Our task is to promote international exchanges and cooperation and join together leading researchers and young scientists, based on the excellent networking as ASI-Marktoberdorf Summer School.