admission of students

Military Department of Karaganda State Technical University, produces a set of students – youths for training at the military department in 2012.

At a military department adopted set the students KSTU – September 2011, studying only full-time education, studying technical subjects possessing the nationality of the Republic of Kazakhstan, at the age of 27 years, fit for military service for health reasons, as well as qualifiers to the rules defined Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To join the military department is filled application form (application forms available at the military department), is attached photocopy of the identification and delivered to the training of the military department in the period prior to December 1, 2011 at st. Yubilejnaya 33 – by bus number 1 stop, “District Executive Committee.”

Information line – 44-08-93.

Education at the military department free of charge, regardless of education at the University. At the end of the military department and the university is assigned a rank of “sergeant stock.”