An additional educational program “Scientific and Technical translation” is being implemented at the Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University

Due to the introduction of new technologies in all types of professional activities, the issue of employee qualifications is more relevant than ever. In the era of digitalization, rapid technological changes are taking place, which leads to high demands on employees. Therefore, the strategic development plan of Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University is aimed at training competitive specialists with skills in knowledge-intensive areas in the labor market.

For example, along with various courses, the “Foreign Languages” department implements an additional educational program “Scientific and Technical Translation”, which is an analogue of a double-degree education, as in the case of successful mastering of the course disciplines, the listener receives not a certificate but a license with the qualification ‘Scientific and Technical translator’. During the study period (3.5 years – 7 semesters), students acquire the opportunity to translate freely from English and into English both in writing and orally, but most importantly, they significantly develop the skills of technical translation and simultaneous interpretation.

The training of translators, even in the conditions of obtaining specialized education at specialized faculties, is a complex process and requires effective teaching methods. Our university successfully uses gamification methods, Team-based learning and the CLIL integrated learning method.

The skills of translating technical literature in English in modern conditions will help the successful career of a future specialist.