Academic process

the schedule of consultations


in the 2016-2017 academic year

Interview with advisors on Fridays Weekly

The enrollment of students in the University of 10-25 August

Constitution Day August 30

Join students and undergraduates 1 course

on 25-26 August discipline

Fall Semester

Start of the fall semester on September 2

Knowledge Day September 1

The first landmark control 14-19 October

Kurban Ait 15 October

The second landmark control 2-7 December

The end of the fall semester December 14

Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan on December 16-17

Winter examination session Students

full-time students and undergraduates January 18 on December 4

New Year January 1-2

Winter session students

distance learning courses of 1-5 January 23-December 17

Examination session and SAC final year December 18-January 30

Weeks Theoretical training 15 weeks

Fall semester: Winter Session 3 weeks

winter vacation 2 weeks


Christmas on January 7

Beginning spring semester January 20

The first landmark monitoring March 3-7

International Women’s Day on 8 March

Nauryz 21-23 March

The second landmark control 21-26 April

Registration for the next discipline

academic year 10-31 March

Day of Unity of Peoples of Kazakhstan May 1

The end of the spring semester, May 3

Victory Day May 9

Summer examination session of full-time students

form of education and masters 5-24 May

Summer exams students

distance learning May 26-June 17

HOOK final year students of full-time and part-time

forms of education and protection of master’s theses 26 May to 30 June

Professional Practice 2 June -27 July

Practice for students undergoing military training on July 2-August 24

Recording for the summer semester June 20 May to 1

Weeks Theoretical training 15 weeks

Spring semester: spring session 3 weeks

Practice 4-8 weeks

summer vacation 8-12 weeks