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Certification of specialized accrediting is given by Sovereign Kazakhstan agency of providing quality of education by education programs:

5B072900 – Construction;

5B074500 – Construction in transportation;

5B072000 – Architecture;

5B072100 – Design;

5M072900 – Construction.

Time of operation of the certificate 08.11.2014 y. – 07.11.2019 y.

Certificates are given by Center of Bologna Process and academic mobility of MES of RK. In National Rating of universities of kazakhstan KSTU took 3rd place on following majors of bachelor degree:

5B072900 – Construction;

5B073000 – Production of construction materials, products and constructions.

The Faculty of Architecture and Construction is actively working with companies that are in effect students find job.

These enterprises include:

  • State Department of building, architecture and urban planning (Temirtau);
  • LLP “Santehenergoproekt”;
  • Architectural Studio “Square”;
  • City Department of developers(Karaganda);
  • JSC “Plant of Metal” (Karaganda);
  • LLP “PKPF” Reconstruction ” (Karaganda);
  • KazMIRR – Kazakhstan multidisciplinary Institute for Reconstruction and Development;
  • LLP “KaragandaTehnoServis”;
  • “Kazantikor” (Karaganda) and many others.

By the studies involved managers and specialists of enterprises, in particular V. Plotnikov (Vass Comir, Head of Department), Filatov A.V. (Director of NIISK), Kopin A.I. (Director of “PKPF” Reconstruction “), D.A. Danilchenko (Director of LPP “Stroytehnologiya” Karaganda) and many others.

The Institute has the necessary material base for lectures and seminars.
Laboratories and classrooms are equipped with:

  • Chamber of heat – cold TEK 50/602;
  • electronic meter of concrete strength IRS-MG-4;
  • electronic conductivity meter ITP-MG-4;
  • muffle furnace PM8;
  • electronic meter of concrete cover thickness of IAA-MG-4;
  • a digital thermometer probe TERM-1;
  • digital temperature THERM-2;
  • shaking table;
  • extruder;
  • hydraulic press measuring PIP – 500;
  • device for rapid evaluation of the activity of the cement;
  • penetrometer

and other equipment and devices necessary for the study of materials and structures.

Also acquired the following instruments and equipment: camera steaming universal PMC-1A unit to determine the stiffness of the concrete mix WB-1, a device for the rapid determination of water permeability of concrete BB-2.