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Teaching and laboratory facilities of faculty’s departments is unique in many ways, ensures that the learning process and has no analogues in the region. Our pride is the latest developed at the Department of APP problem-oriented laboratory “Computer Systems Process Control and Management”, “Modern technologies of automation” and “Automated control systems of electric drives based on controllers firms Mitsubishi and Siemens”; latest electrical laboratory of the Department of Energy production in Russia. There is a long-term positive experience of the Department of Energy to establish by students and teachers of acting training and measuring stands. For example, in the spring of year 2009 a unique test bed “model of heat production facilities.” Now began the design and manufacture of the stand serving boiler plant. To buy similar equipment is practically impossible due to the very high price. The Department of Energy has transferred to the department of electronics and laboratory TCS Radio. All the departments are used in the modern educational process innovation and technical training. This activates the students’ desire to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Strictly adhered to fire safety, occupational safety requirements, carefully maintained and meet the standards of passport Laboratories and magazines instruction on TS. Now students of the Department of Energy under the guidance of teachers and the principal energy KSTU installs protective grounding of other departments and facilities of the university.

Рartners of departments

On the branches of the departments in industrial enterprises of the Corporate University – JSC «KZELTO», JSC «Shubarkol», JSC «ArselorMittalTemirtau» (CD – CHP-2, UD – «Ugleservis»), «ELAT» Ltd. – our students grasp the basics for their chosen profession the guidance of leading specialists of production.

In the autumn of 2009. the first time at the Department of TCS opened two branch – «BeeComputers» and «Digikomm-Kazakhstan”, the signing treaties with the  «AsiaBell» Ltd. and «Сartels» Ltd. The Department cooperates with the TCS major corporations: Office of Communications «Kazakhtelecom» JSC, «Arcelor Mittal Temirtau» where students can learn the most modern equipment manufacturers, introduced a large-scale international educational program «Third Generation» (TM Beeline), which has also been successfully implemented in Russia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, etc.

The partners are the Department of Physics, LLP «Mashzavod number 1» and JSC «Azimut Energy Services» , organized by PTS and CIP internship in testing and research laboratories are consulted for the workers and engineers to prepare them for entrance to university.