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Chair of higher mathematics

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In light of the credit system in the educational process innovation and introduction of modern information training – and computerization of educational process in the performance of the CDS, laboratory work, NIRS, conducting interim and final control of knowledge use in the conduct of lectures, practical and laboratory classes interactive whiteboards, multimedia video projector, which allows demonstrate academic material on the screens (including electronic), reading video lectures for the course “Mathematics” for the day and correspondence forms of training, the use of slide-lectures on higher mathematics, virtual labs for the course “Mathematics 3″ for the specialty “Thermal” . In the preparation of students as well as graduate programs in carrying out research on the topics of dissertations are widely used software packages ANSYS, Matlab, Matcad, allowing to solve tasks in a large range of different parameters, factors, the initial conditions. Teachers have been designed and certified by: 9 electronic textbooks, including 4 textbooks – the online version; 9 slide lectures; 5 multimedia presentations; 3 video lectures; Skomplektovano 75 teaching methods courses. In all subjects in the learning process the department uses various forms of ICT.

Course of Higher Mathematics for Students of Technical Specialties. Part 4. (Series. Elements Рrobability Theory): Tutorial / L.M. Mustafina, N.F. Abayeva, V.V. Zhurov ( L. M. Course of Higher Mathematics for Students of Technical Specialtie.pdf)

Logistical resources at the Department of Higher Mathematics

The department has five classrooms including two lecture halls are equipped with modern means of demonstration.