Academic process

Chair of the Kazakh language and culture

The teaching staff of the Department of Kazakh Language and Culture conducts the discipline “Kazakh language” for 1st year students of the university and the discipline “Professional Kazakh language” for undergraduates.  In order to implement multilingual education, the department has organized courses on the discipline “Kazakh language” for multilingual groups. Information and communication technologies and new technological learning tools are used in the educational process.

The main theoretical and practical aspects of the scientific organization of the educational process of the KJIC are reflected in the following areas:

  • planning, execution, verification and improvement of the educational process;
  • educational and methodological support of the educational process;
  • research work of students;
  • educational work;
  • professional development work;
  • establishment and development of external relations.

The current control is carried out in the form of written and oral works. During the semester, 2 boundary controls are provided: on the 7th and 14th weeks. The final control (exam) is conducted in a combined form using examination tickets.