Academic process

The educational process


Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in educational programs on the basis of the State of licenses issued by the Committee for Control of Education and Science, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan:
5V070400, 6M070400 Computers & Software» ¬ № 12014940 from 22.10.2012g.
5V070500 Mathematical and Computer Modeling» ¬ № 12014940 from 22.10.2012g.

During the development of educational programs bachelors and masters independently determine an individual learning path.











When you select Tutorial standard curriculum catalog of elective courses, faculty advisor recommendations.


5B070400 «Computers and Software»

Akademimicheskaya degree: Bachelor of Computer Science and Software.
Graduates of Computers and Software” can work:

engineers in the design offices of design organizations, departments automate any pridpriyaty to develop and maintain a variety of information and computer systems;
software engineer at industrial predpriyateyah on predpriyateyah and organizations in all spheres of activity, in government, information technologies departments, financial institutions, business structures;
engineers sistematehnikami predpriyateyah on implementing and using computer equipment and software;
Researcher in the design and research of Institute;


5B070500 «Mathematical and Computer Modeling”

Academic degree: Bachelor of mathematical and computer modeling.
Graduates of Mathematical and computer modeling” can work:

Software Engineer Software for industrial enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership;
specialists in mathematical modeling and computational technology, software systems and complexes in the enterprises and organizations of various spheres of activity;
specialists in the design and research institutes;

Material and technical base of the chair on the 15 classrooms, of which 1 laboratory “Network Technologies“; 8 computer classes with specialized software installed; 4 in-line audience; 2 lecture halls with multimedia teaching tools;

Fund specialized academic literature in the field of 18,729 copies;

Practice base represented JSC NAT Kazakhstan, TOO «AsiaBell», LLP «TEC Plyusmikro” LLP MTU “Quartz“, LLP “Tekhol KZ», LLP «JassZoff».


1. The curriculum;
2. UMKDP list;
3. Material basis for learning;
4. Schedule;
5. Schedule a consultation;
6. A schedule for implementation of coursework;
7. Schedule certifications;
8. The base practices;