Academic Process

Department of «Physics»

In order to improve the education of students at the department, educational methodological complexes of teachers for all specialties and forms of training have been developed and approved.

For statement of material with a visual teaching method of training with application of information and communication technologies, the educational and methodical base under all sections of disciplines of the Physics, Physics 1, Physics 2 which includes is created: electronic textbooks, manuals, methodical instructions, slide lectures, video lectures, multimedia presentations, virtual laboratory works. Visualization of classes allows you to present the material as clearly as possible, which contributes to a better understanding and assimilation of information.

To conduct classes in a remote format, the YouTube channel «Department of Physics of KarTU» was created, which houses lectures, laboratory works, seminars for video viewing.

By order of the Association of Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, teachers of the department translated into the state language and published textbooks:

  • «Механика негізгі заңдар»,
  • «Электр және электроника»,
  • «Заманауи физика».
Translators: Mazhenov N.A., Smirnov Yu.M., Kenzhin B.M. (Russian)
Translators: Mazhenov N.A., Smirnov Yu.M., Mazhenova O. (English)
Translators: Mazhenov N.A., Smirnov Yu.M., Smakova N.S. (English)

Translators: Mazhenov N.A., Kambarova J.T., Mazhenova O. (English)

For ensuring educational process of a bachelor degree, including for participants of the State program «Серпін-2050» the teachers of department prepared and published the textbook «Электр және электрониканың физикалық негіздері». The textbook is recommended by Ministry of Education of Sciences of the KZ Republic for undergraduate technical universities.


Mazhenov N.A.,
Smirnov Yu.M.,
Kopbalina K.B.

The department has a sufficient material base for the implementation of the natural science training of bachelors of technology. The department has 14 classrooms, including:

– one large in-line lecture hall for 208 seats.

– 2 lecture halls for 70 seats each. All lecture rooms are equipped with computers and video projectors. In total, the department has 7 video projectors. 3 classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards. The department has at its disposal 1 multimedia computer class equipped with 16 personal computers with installed training programs. Laboratory workshop at the department is carried out in 6 educational laboratories, in which there are 70 laboratory stands (installations) on the basis of which students have the opportunity to perform laboratory work in all sections of physics. Laboratories are equipped with programs for digital processing of results.

The volume of the book fund is: in the library 3973 copies in Russian, 1210 in Kazakh, in the department 339 copies in Russian, 123 in Kazakh. Over the past year, 100 copies have been purchased in Kazakh and 100 copies in Russian.