Academic Process

Department of “Information Technology and Security”


Academic mobility of students and undergraduates 

In order to implement internal academic mobility, NJSC “Karaganda Technical University named after Abylkas Saginov” cooperates with a number of universities in Kazakhstan, including NJSC “Karaganda University named after academician E.A. Buketov

Material and information resources on department ITS

On department ITS there are 7 auditoryes equipped with modern means of training.
From them 2 lecture auditoryes №№ 425,430 which are equipped:
auditory № 425 – computer PENTIUM III and projective TV TOSHIBA
auditory № 430 – computer PENTIUM III, projector Panasonic and interactive board Polyvision.
For carrying out laboratory and a practical training on chair there are 4 computer audiences №№ 422,423,424а, 426.
auditory № 422 – 10 computers of a class «Pentium» 4;
auditory № 423 – 13 computers of a class «Pentium» 4, laser printer “Hewlett-Packard”;
auditory № 424а – 10 computers of a class «Pentium» 3;
auditory № 426 – 12 computers of a class «Pentium» 4, plotter “Hewlett-Packard”, the laser printer, the scanner. The given audience is used for carrying out of employment in speciality groups «information security System».
For preparation professor and teaching structure to employment and for carrying out of research works the Automated Workplace Teachers (automated workplace), Undergraduates and Post-graduate students is provided.
The automated workplace is equipped by 6 computers of a class «Pentium» 4, laser printer “CANON”, scanner “GENIUS”.
At carrying out of employment on a cycle of disciplines of “a designing and designing Basis» the audience №425 which is equipped by the necessary equipment is used.

Joint training R & D Laboratory KSTU – EPAM Systems

In the Karaganda State Technical University at the Department of Computer Aided Design April 5, 2011 the grand opening of R & D-lab. This is the first and only project of this level in Kazakhstan is the result of a joint initiative of ICT Holding”Zerde” of EPAM Systems and leadership KSTU.
The purpose of the opening of the laboratory is to improve the quality of educationand the formation of human resources, corresponding to modern international standards for the development of the ICT sector of Republic of Kazakhstan.Implementation of this project, in close partnership Holding ”Zerde” and of EPAM Systems can reduce the share of public financing in the implementation of sectoralprograms on ICT development in RK for 2010 – 2014 years, as well as extend the application of international practice, the establishment of research laboratories in the field of information and communication technologies with private capital.

Under this program, the company cooperates with leading universities of the CIS countries, and organizes joint training centers and is developing unique methods of training for the training of skilled IT professionals.
The new lab, students can get acquainted with modern software developmentprocesses, and consolidate the theoretical knowledge acquired at university, and to acquire practical skills in software development using research-based universityand best practices development company. Educate students for productivecompany EPAM Systems is fully equipped laboratory with modern high technology.

During the 2011-2012 academic year was held on 7 distance training with leadinglecturers of the Belarusian State University in the following areas:
A. Java Programming
Two. Software Testing
Three. Programming in C #. Web development
During the training we study the basic principles underlying object-oriented programming. The bases and applications Windows Forms. Students practice in:
– Create Resource Files for the description of the dialog boxes, menus, toolbars,icons, etc. – Controls operation of the program.
– Develop a system to help run the program.
– Compile the source code of programs.
– The layout of the program components.

– Debugging and modification programs.
During the reporting period have been trained and received certificates of 85 students. Many of them at the end of high school were employed in a subsidiary company EPAM Systems – PLYUSMIKRO.
Based on the R & D labs are implemented economic contracts subject to the development and maintenance of software for private companies and firms (the sum of 2

In March 2012 Competition was held among the students training with the support of EPAM Systems at KSTU-based R & D labs. Olympiad was held on programming with a purpose – to identify the most talented young people with appropriate knowledge and skills to solve problems associated with the introduction of new information technologies. The development of logical and creative thinking of students, the awakening of interest in solving nonstandard problems in programming, software packages and web – application.

Awards for the top places were: Apple iPad – 1st place, Notebook – 2nd place, E-book – 3rd place.
It is planned in conjunction with EPAM Systems participated in the competition forgrant funding for MES subjects: ”Study of Business Process Managementapproach and implementation, based on a sample of automation of the authority.”