Academic Process of the department of Mechanics

Department of Mechanics

In light of the credit system modern innovative and informative forms of learning are the computerization of the educational process in fulfillment of student’s self-study work, calculating and graphical work, course and diploma projects, research work of students, conducting intermediate and final control of knowledge, using of interactive whiteboards, multimedia visual projector, which allows to demonstrate the educational material on the screens (including electronic), at lectures, practical and laboratory classes, using plasma TV in the classroom, which allows through built-in computer to give graphical and other illustrative material on large TV format, fulfillment of laboratory work on courses of  strength of materials and experimental mechanics at the test complex Mi-40 with computer support, which automates the process of removing data and data processing, reading visual lectures on the course “Mechanics” for full-time and part-time students, using of slide-lectures on the course theoretical mechanics, computer calculation of reducing gear on the course in “Applied Mechanics” and statically indeterminate systems on the course “Engineering”, virtual labs for courses “Theory of machines and mechanisms”, “Mechanics”, “Applied Mechanics” are being introduced in the educational process.