In Abylkas Saginov KTU, there was held “TEDx Talks” – the birthplace of youth ideas and inspiration

“TEDx Talks” is organized by the Lingua Discovery Scientific Student Club operating at the Department of Foreign Languages.

The purpose of “TEDx Talks” was not only to gather talented students, but also to inspire them to exchange ideas and participate in a scientific dialogue. Each participant chose one of the suggested topics and prepared a report lasting up to 5 minutes. The topics covered a wide range of fields – from climate change to space, from literature to issues of globalization.

The event provided students with the opportunity to share their ideas and research on relevant topics to a wide audience.

The “TEDx Talks” participants spoke in three languages: Kazakh, English and Russian, which emphasized the diversity and multilingualism of our community. A special place at the event was taken by Emmett Cashman, a Fulbright fellow, who made an interesting presentation about his experience in the world of science.

The students shared their research and ideas on topics such as innovations in the energy sector, the role of video games in expanding world perception, artificial intelligence in education and creativity.

At the end of the event, each participant was awarded a corresponding certificate of participation.

«Lingua Discovery’s” “TEDx Talks” has become not only a platform for the presentation of research, but also a place for the birth of new ideas, inspiration and mutual understanding.

Our students are looking forward to continuing this exciting journey of knowledge and innovation.