At Abylkas Saginov KTU there was held a qualifying stage of the International Engineering Championship “Case-in”

On April 12 at the Business Skills Park of Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University there was held a qualifying stage of the student league of the X-th International Championship “Case-in” for solving engineering cases in the field of mining.

The CASE-IN International Engineering Championship is an international system of scientific and educational competitions for solving engineering cases for schoolchildren, students and young specialists in the fuel and energy and mineral and raw materials sectors, the nuclear industry and related industries.

The “Case-in” Championship consists of qualifying stages among students and master students of higher education institutions of the CIS countries, as well as the final stage, which takes place in Moscow.

As part of the qualifying stages, the teams solve an engineering case dealing with the actual problems of a real enterprise. The winner of each qualifying round is one team that obtains the right to take part in the Championship final.

The “Case-in” championship is organized jointly with the Nadezhnaya Smena LLP (Moscow) with the support of the Ministry of Energy and the largest mining enterprises of the Russian Federation.

The ideas of the qualifying round participants were evaluated by an expert jury that included representatives of the largest regional companies, industry experts and business case specialists, as well as university scientists.

Based on the results of the qualifying round in the “Mining” trajectory, there were determined the winner and prize-winners, among which the team that took the 1st place would take part in the final stage of the Championship:

The 1st place, the Miners team (Zhumazhan Gulim, student of group GD-20-4, Tuleushov Timur, student of group GD-19-7, Rafkhatov Chingiz, student of group GD-17-1); scientific supervisor of the team: Mussin R.A., PhD, senior teacher of the DMD department; scientific consultants: sn. teachers of the DMD department Stefluuk Yu.M., PhD. and Khalikova E.R., PhD.

The 2nd place,  the Mine Surveyors team (Semekhina Ksenia, student of group MD-19-3, Boyarchuk Konstantinm student of group MD-19-3, Gritsenko Bogdan, student of group MD-19-3); scientific supervisor of the team: Ozhigin D.S., PhD, senior lecturer of the M&G department; scientific consultant: Dolgonosov V.N., Doctor of Engineering, Professor of the M&D department.

The 3rd place,  – the Coal Division team (Auezhanov Akhat, student of group GD-19-7, Kan Stanislav, student of group GD-19-7, Bronich Ivan, student of group GD-19-7, Telzhan Gaziz, student of group GD-19-6); scientific supervisor: Zamaliyev N.M., PhD, sn. teacher of the DEMD department; scientific consultants: sn. teachers of the DMD department Usenbekov M.S., PhD. and Zeitinova Sh.B., PhD.

At the end of May 2022, the winner-team that made it to the final of the Championship, will take part in the final round of the competition in Moscow. There they will compete for the title of the best engineering student teams and for the opportunity to get practice and internships at the leading industry companies.

Responsible for the event: Departments of the GF, dean’s office of the GF, employees of the DNiI and DRCU