Abstract to the article “The use of polymorphic encryption algorithms and decryption to protect information in the automated training systems”

This article building is devoted to information security systems for the software packages used for exclusive access. As an object for study and application of the developed methods of protection are of distance learning and knowledge control.

Various methods are used to create a variety of security systems, consider the possibility of their use for distance learning systems. Analyzed the key places that require protection and provide suggestions for its implementation, noted their advantages and disadvantages. We propose new ways of implementing protection systems are used in exclusive mode. Described in detail a set of software modules designed for integration into the protected software package and implements the protection subsystem.

The construction of the generator of polymorphic encryption and decryption algorithms. These algorithms are always generated in pairs, the mechanism of their generation is very similar and the same code. The only difference is that the blocks are used, producing the reverse transformation. First, we consider as a general algorithm looks at all the encryption / decryption. It also shows the debug output a virtual machine, showing the performance of algorithms for encryption / decryption. Then he just described an algorithm for constructing a polymorphic code, and calculated the probability of generating the same algorithms and ways of increasing the complexity of polymorphic algorithms.