About the defense of doctoral thesis Alkenova Akbota Beysembaevna

In Karaganda State Technical University will take place Alkenova Akbota Beysembaevna the doctoral thesis defense for the Doctor of Philosophy PhD scientific degree on a theme: «Development of technological bases of processing of copper and molybdenum cakes» by specialty 6D070900 – «Metallurgy».
Dissertational work has been done at the department «Nanotechnology and Metallurgy» Karaganda State Technical University.
Defense will be held in Russian.
1. Issagulov Aristotle Zeynullinovich – doctor of technical sciences, the first proreсtor of Karaganda State Technical University.
2. Alan Azotte – PhD doctor , professor research laboratory of mechanics and material microstructure of the University of Lorraine , France , Metz.
1. Namazbayev T.S. – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Director of the Institute “Kazchermetavtomatika” (specialty 05.16.02).
2. Kuzgibekova H.M. – c.t.s., leading researcher of Chemical and Metallurgical Institute. J. Abisheva (specialty 05.16.03)

Defense will be taken place on 30 December, 2015 at 11 o’clock at the Dissertation Council for the Protection of KSTU RhD doctoral theses on specialties 6D070900 «Metallurgy», 6D071000 «Materials science and technology of new materials» the address is : 100027, Karaganda, Boulevard of Peace, 56, main Building, Department of “Nanotechnology and metallurgy”, aud. 315 .

Website: http://www.kstu.kz, e-mail: ksb_mlp@mail.ru

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