About the defense of doctoral thesis Karataev Aibolat Dulatovich

In Karaganda State Technical University will take place Karataev Aibolat Dulatovich  the doctoral thesis defense for the Doctor of Philosophy PhD scientific degree on a theme: « Creation of progressive technological schemes of construction anchor fix in preparatory excavations of coal mines» on a specialty 6D070700 – «Mining».

The dissertation work performed at department of Development of mineral resources deposits of Karaganda State Technical University.


1 Zhetesov Sanat Suleymenovich – Academician of natural sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Karaganda.

  1. Takhanov Daulet Kuatovich – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Head of the laboratory of «Geomechanics » of the Karaganda research institute of industrial safety (KRIIS), Karaganda.

Scientific supervisors:

  1. Demin Vladimir Fedorovich – Doctor of Technical Sciences, academician of international academy of information, Foreign member of Mountain academy of Russia, Professor of the Karaganda State Technical University, Karaganda.
  2. Aliyev Samat Beketaevich – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Full member of the Russian academy of natural sciences, academician of Academies of mountain sciences, academician of International academy of informatization, honourable professor of the Karaganda state technical university, professor of the Moscow state Mining University, Moscow (Russia).

Defense will be held: November 27, 2015, at 12.00 at Karaganda State Technical University at: 100027, Karaganda, Boulevard of Peace 56, Building 2, Room 302.

            Website: www.kstu.kz, e-mail: imashev_85@mail.ru