About “The Center of Engineering Pedagogy”

In order to improve the quality of technical personnel and their compliance with the labor market requirements for the implementation of the State program of industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan for 2015-2019 years in KSTU was created “The Center of Engineering Pedagogy” (CEP) in 2014.

The work of “CEP” is focused on the professional development of faculty KSTU on the basis of innovative educational technologies and the best practices of modern engineering pedagogy.

    The aim of the CEP is to improve engineering and pedagogical potential of academic teaching staff to form KSTU-governmental competent and competitive professionals.

In accordance with the purpose of the CEP performs the following tasks:


  • The organization of training seminars on innovative teaching techniques for academic teaching faculty of KSTU;
  • The organization of training seminars based on the curriculum of the International Society for Engineering Education (IGIP) on the basis of KSTU under a contract with the Kazakhstan National Monitoring Committee IGIP;
  • The organization of training seminars for engineers and technicians of Corporate University enterprises;
  • Training on additional educational programs of pedagogical profile for individuals who have completed the specialized master course;
  • Projects Development for participation in competitions for grant funding of fundamental, applied and other research on the actual problems of vocational training education;
  • Conducting scientific and methodological expertise of educational programs and projects in the field of vocational education;
  • Establishment and development of international scientific contacts and others.Director CIP is PhD, Associate Professor Smirnova G.M.

    Material and technical equipping of the CEP

    One of the conditions for the successful functioning of CEP is its educational facilities that meet the modern requirements of the audience, equipped with the latest computer and telecommunications equipment.