About project

About the project

Erasmus Mundus program provides support for:

  • Higher education institutions that intend to implement joint programs at the postgraduate level (Action 1) or to create inter-institutional partnership between the participating universities in Europe and third countries (Action 2);

  • individual students, researchers and university teachers who wish to study / research / training course in one of the above programs or collaborative partnerships (Step 1 and Step 2);

  • any organization engaged in the field of higher education that wishes to carry out projects aimed at improving the attractiveness, profile and image of European higher education worldwide (Action 3).

Erasmus Mundus 2009-2013 is realized through the following activities:

  • Action 1: Joint Programs Erasmus Mundus at Master level (Action 1 A) and Doctorate (Action 1 B), including scholarships / grants for participation in these programs;
  • Action 2: Erasmus Mundus partnerships between universities of the European Union and third countries, including scholarships and grants for exchange programs at all academic levels;
  • Action 3: Promotion of European higher education through projects to improve Europe’s attractiveness as a place of education and education center of the highest quality in the world.