А charity fair

On November 26, 2021, as part of the “30 Good Deeds” campaign dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a charity fair was held at the Anet Baba Mosque, organized by volunteers of the AQNIET youth charity organization, which is part of the Zhas Orda Youth Association. The dean of the faculty, curator of the TT-18-3 group Kurmasheva B.K.; Deputy Dean for Educational Work, curator of the OP-21-1 group Ospangalieva M.T.; curator of the TT-21-1c group Zhailaubekov M. A.; curator of the Log-19-2c group Maulenova A.M.; curator of the TT-18-2 group Seitov R. M.; curator of the Log-18-1 group Sagatova G.K.; curator of the TT-21-1 group Kuleimenova L.M.; the curator of the Log-21-1 group is Baypelova G.S. attended the fair with the students of the groups (105 students). Monetary support in the amount of 61,000 tenge was transferred to the personal account of the head of the “AQNIET” Kenessova Nazira and in the amount of 21,000 tenge, food products were purchased and confectionery baked for sale at the fair. 143042 tenge received from the fair were transferred to Sarsen Aikumys for treatment.