The 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war

On April 17, 2020, an event dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war was held in the format of an online conference called ” if you Want peace, remember the war!» The event was organized by the Department of Raik in the framework of the state program “Rouhani gear”. It was attended by 1st and 2nd year students of groups with the state language of instruction. In addition to the participants themselves, students from many groups watched and listened to the video conference. Unfortunately, the format of the conference did not allow everyone to participate. The total coverage was 100 people.

The event turned out to be interesting, rich and informative. It consisted of several sections:

  • oral magazine “Debt of memory”, in which the first page of “Reasons for defeats and victories” was opened by Kanat Ulbosyn with Muslimov Alpamys and Musa Dias (gr. TT-19-1);
  • frontline history “the Science of hate” which was introduced to all by Kuanyshbek Serikzhan (gr. TT-19-1);
  • Fazyl Kazybek, Asadolina Ayaulym, Asanova Ulzhan, amirbekova zhanel, Anarbek Gulzhan (gr.BT-19-1) told about famous Kazakh heroes Nurken Abdirov, Manshuk Mametov, Aliya Moldagulova, as well as about unknown soldiers and war heroes;

In the section “the Hero from the family album” included presentations about the relatives who were veterans:

  • lecturer Raik Binamira S. A. told about his grandfather in WWII Baimamiao Ilsan;
  • Аlpanova Zhanar told about her grandfather a veteran;
  • students from the group ARH-18-1 of the teacher of the Department Rik Tusupbekova A. S. told about the forgotten heroes of Kazakhstan: Zhumakanova aydana about Abdybekov Toleugali Nasyrkhanovich, Amirtai Sabina about Suleymenov Ybrayym, Abilzhanova Aizhan about Rakhmetov Zhumash Rakhmetovich, Zhunusova Aya about Zhetpisbayev Baltabek.

Such events are very important for our younger generation, as they foster pride in their country, their heroic people, and instill interest in studying the history of their state. This is the love of the Fatherland. Real patriots of the Motherland are brought up on the examples of the life and exploits of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers!