«61 traditional interfaculty Spartakiad among students». Competitions in bullet shooting from air rifles


On October 29 – 30, 2019, the shooting range of the sports complex of KSTU hosted competitions in bullet shooting from air rifles in the framework of the”61 traditional interfaculty Spartakiad among students”.

More than 70 students of all faculties took part in the competition.

Places were won as follows

Team place:

1st place-GF-182 points;

2nd place-MF-179 points;

3rd place-FEAT-162 points;

4th place-TDF-131 points;

5th place-FIEM-112 points;

6th place-ASF-98 points;

7th place-fit-81 points.


Personal places


1st place – Kadirli O. N. – RET 18-1 – 37 points (over a dozen broken);

2nd place-Kostenko E. V.-TT 19-2-37 points;

3 place-esengeldy A. K.-NVP 18-1-36 points.



1st place – Jadigerov T. R – BC 16-1 -39 points;

2nd place-Ospanova A. B.-AIU 18-3-38 points;

3rd place-Pozdina AA-MEN 17-3-37 points.