60th anniversary of the AMP department

June 24, 2022 a solemn event dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the department “Automation of production processes” named after V.F. Byrki. Students, graduate students, doctoral students, graduates and heads of companies who work closely with the department were invited. KAZPROM AVTOMATIKA took part in this event.

The company “KAZPROM AVTOMATIKA”, founded in Karaganda in 2004, relying on graduates of the Department of Automation of Production Processes of KSTU (KarTU), conducts its activities to implement projects in the field of automation of the industrial complex of Kazakhstan.

Serious attention in the group of companies is paid to personnel training. Systematic interaction with KarTU has been established, a branch of the AMS department has been created, a joint center “KarTU – Mitsubishi Electric FA – KAZPROM AVTOMATIKA” has been organized. Every year, students and undergraduates have internships in the company, graduation projects are completed and master’s theses are written on the company’s projects. As a result, the most prepared graduates come to work in the company and are involved in the implementation of projects with virtually no adaptation period.

Dear employees of the Department of Automation of Production Processes KarTU, the company KAZPROM AVTOMATIKA, expresses boundless gratitude and respect, sincere gratitude for the fruitful cooperation for a long time.

With the wishes of the conquest of creative peaks, prosperity and development in the training of highly qualified specialists and scientific personnel.

Much has already been done, but the main thing is ahead.