56th Interfaculty Olympics 2014- 2015 school year.

November 11, 2014 started the 56th traditional Interfaculty Olympics in 14 sports, it was attended by over 1,400 students.
The team took first place Mining faculty Р143 points, last year scored Mining faculty Р144 points. Dean РOzhigin SN responsible for sports and mass work on the faculty Eleukeshov Π..
Second place – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – 135 points, last year took second place FEE – 124 points. Dean – Erahtina II, responsible for sports – mass work on the faculty Cheryasova O.
Third place FEE Р101 points, last year took the third place TDF Р109 points. Dean РTatkeeva GG responsible for sports Рmass work on the faculty Grishina Π..
Fourth place – AWF 63 points last year, ASF 86 points. Dean – Imanov MO,
Responsible for the sport is mass work on the faculty Grishin NG
These four faculties and set the tone for the sports life of the University.