20 June 2013. The Institute of Economics of the celebration of the 60th

anniversary of KSTU held a round table on the theme: “Innovative Economy – the strategic direction of development of Kazakhstan in the twenty-first century.”

At the round table was attended by VK Shchukin – The general director of “Bogatyr”; Ordabaev GJ – Deputy Chairman of the Board of “TSB’s”; Alimbaev AA – Director of the Institute for Regional Development; Taubaev AA – Vice-Rector for Science Karaganda Economic University Kazpotrebsoyuz; Ainabekov KS – Professor of Karaganda Economic University Kazpotrebsoyuz; Tazabekov AI – the dean of the faculty of “Economics and Informatics” Karaganda University “Bolashak”, Nikitin O. – CEO of a power-plant Temirtau; Vechkinzova EA – LP “Transport and logistics complex in Karaganda”; Moyse SP – Chief Economist “Bogatyr Coal”; Osik YI – Professor KSTU; Galiyev MZ – Employed; Malchenko OE – Senior Manager of JSC “Kazgeologiya”; Alpysbayeva NA – Director of the Institute of Economics, Ph.D. Professor, BA Akhmetzhanov – Head of the “Business Economics”, Doctor of Economics, professor Davletbaeva NB – Head of the “Management Company”, Ph.D., associate professor; Steblyakova LP – Head of “Production”, PhD, Associate Professor, Koshebaeva GK – Doctor of Economics, professor of “Management Company”; Bakirova AN – Associate Professor, KSTU, teachers of the departments of IE.

At a round table discussed the following issues:
1 Problems and perspectives of innovation development of economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
2 Challenges and Innovative Development of Kazakhstan in the field of education;
3 Problems and perspectives of entrepreneurship development at the present stage.