To apply for a place in a hostel



New student residence of KSTUfor  822 places built by the order of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the framework of the presidential program “Student house”.

Gen is equipped, modern furniture, there are well equipped kitchen in each floor. In addition to residential sections provides a conference room, multimedia classrooms, a health center with necessary medical equipment, a snack bar with 60 seats and a Laundry service. The residence has wireless Internet!

Hostel building at KSTU consists of 4 floors. Each floor is equipped with household rooms where students cook, refrigerator rooms for food storage, rooms for drying linen, washing rooms.
There is a computer class on the first floor in assembly hall, there students prepare for classes. In aid post students get medical help for free, restroom where you can play chess, watch TV-programmes on CATV. Shower rooms for girls and boys, washing room with 3 washing machines are also on the first floor.

There are 350 students from all institutes of university who live in the hostel. Life in the hostel is very interesting and full of events, which are held by Students Union. Such interesting events as Day of the First President of the RK, Independence Day, New Year were held in this academic year. Students also take active participation in various events held by Zhas Orda and institutes of university: ICTS, IM, MI, EI, MTI, IAC.
Department of Youth policy, University curators Board also provide their assistance.

There held different competitions in the hostel of KSTU, among them are:
– Competition for the best, the cleanest and the most comfortable room; by the results of the year the best room of the hostel was room 417 and students who lived there got cash award.
– The best New Year decoration of the floor, all 4 floors were designed finely.
– There were about 100 students in the hostel on New Year. There were organized programmes how to celebrate New Year.

Student Board established discipline and order on the floors itself: monitors of the floors keep order on the floor. Violators of the rules living in the hostel are gone through on the meetings of the Board. This form of control disciplines students more efficiently.