Educational process

Chair of the Kazakh language and culture


1.                 On September, 5th at 14.20 the round table has been spent to 238 audiences of the main case in the center “Trinity of languages” on a theme “Ozge tildin barin bil, oz tilindi kyrmette”. Teachers of chair of the Kazakh language and culture, students of group TT-11-2 participated. Students told about a today’s condition, about the state language future. From teachers questions have been asked to students. Students read poems of the Kazakh poets on language.

2.                 The competition of readers devoted 100 years of poet Kasym Amanzholov, has been spent on September, 17th to 326 audiences of chair of the Kazakh language and culture. Students of 1 course of university took part in competition, read poems of the poet. 1 place the student of group PS-11-2 Smagulova Samal, 2 – Siyazova Akniet (OPI-11-2) has occupied, 3 place – Lokshina Mariya (Sib-11-2), Ponomareva Svetlana (C-11-2). The taken places and to students actively participating in competition have been handed over reading and writing from the pro-rector of university on educational work G.A.Bayzhabaginovoy:
1. Kikot Anastasiya (OPI-11-2)
2. Tumarova Maruash (GPR-11-2)
3. Alieva Dinara (IS-11s)
4. Serikova Aigerim (IS-11s)
5. Kammunar Arailym (Met-11-4)
6. Iskakova Dilshat (Met-11-4)
7. Aubakir Diana (TT-11-3)
8. Inozedteva Ekaterina (BZHD-11-2)

3.                 The round table on a theme “Til tagdiri – el tagdiri” is spent on September, 23rd at 12.20 to 326 audiences. Students of trade union “Zhas Orda” actively participated. And also students of groups IS-11-2, GM-11-2, AiU-11-3, VT-11-2, C-11-3 have taken part. Reading and writing are handed over 12 students. Domestic teachers – Sagatova G.K., Shabdenova K.Zh.

Graphic of teachers of study кof the cathedra КLandК




16.05.2012 – In the theater S.Seifullin held regional contest “Abay readings” among other nations, organized by the Office of languages. The competition was attended by 19 participants from various organizations and regions and municipalities in our area. The competition was held in three rounds:
A. Expressive reading of the poem Abaya (poetry).
Two. Expressive reading of a passage from the novel “The way of Abai” (prose).
Three. Performance of the song Abay.
With our university student, was involved a year-Bezrukov Ruslan responsible for the preparation of the contestants were appointed teachers of the department KYaiK G.S.Baypelova Senior Lecturer, PhD, professor Zh.M.Iskakova, m.f.n, teacher A.N.Muratova.
As a result of the competition first place was awarded to the participant g.Satpaeva, second place was shared Polytechnic College and the University of “Bolashak” students took third place DEs, BGTI and 2 more contestants, namely Bezrukov Ruslana won 4th place for stimulating specific contribution made by training and agitation of the Kazakh culture. The student received a special certificate of KSTU, Abai Kunanbaiyev book and a prize.


Plan of academic year of Kazakh language and culture chair for 2012-2013