Steblyakova Larisa Petrovna

Head of Department “Organization of production” Institute of Economics Karaganda State Technical University,

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor



Contact Details:

Address: Karaganda,56 Mira blvd

Pavilion IV, room 220

Phone: 8-7212-56-75-94

E-mail: Larissast@hotbox.ru

Hours of personal issues:

Friday from 15:00 to17:00

The head of department ‘Organization of production’  Steblyakova Larisa Petrovna regullary published works in different magazines and scientific journals.

Here is the list of foreign articles published from 2007 to 2012 years

Head’s CV


In 1993 she was graduated from the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute by speciality «Economy and organization of engineering». From 1997 to 2000 years she was trained in correspondence postgraduate study at the «Management at the enterprise» department  in KarSTU. In 11th of May 2001 she has  studied in graduate school KazPTI target and mastered candidate dissertation by speciality 08.00.05 – «Economy and management of a national economy». The dissertation theme:«Methods of estimation and regulation of structural changes in a machine-building complex (of the Central Kazakhstan)».

In October of 2004 has received an academic status of the senior lecturer on a speciality 08.00.00 –”Economy”.

From November of 2006 to November of 2009 she was trained in doctoral studies of the Moscow state university named after M.V.Lomonosov at the “economics” department  ( by state Stipendial program of Republic Kazakhstan named “Bolashak”).

In 28th of April 2010 has defended the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the Doctor of Economics by speciality 08.00.01 –«the Economic theory». Theme of dissertation:« Transformation of economic systems: the theory and practice».

Courses of an increase of the qualification and practice.

In 1999 year – took part at the courses of new computer technologies at the work  [PEVM] ([KarSTU]).

In 2001 year – took part at the seminar named “The development of business- planning with EXCEL” (Astana city, network resource of the economic and the business- formation).

In 2001 year – she took part at courses of computer accounting (Karaganda regional institute for control).

From 2002 to 2004 years – she took part at the  seminars for following  courses:“financial calculation -1”, “administrative calculation -1”, “taxes and right” (program CIPA). She  was appropriated with the qualification of CPA – certified practicional accounter.

At July of 2005. – took part at the curriculum  “the system of the registration of students in IHE (Institute of Higher Education)/activity of the registration office”. Seminar was  organized within the framework project on the business and to economic formation with the Finn. to the support of the agency of the USA on the international development (USAID). November 2005. – the training seminar, organized by the consortium of economic studies and formation (EERC): 1- “[Mikrosimulyatsionnyy] analysis of the consequences of tax and social reforms”, is 2nd “the basis of applied econometric analysis”, 3- the development of social and economic policy. February 2007. – 1[S]: Enterprise ([KarGTU]). November 2009. – February 2010. – practice period in the department of the economic theory of the department for the state administration of the Moscow State University [im]. M.t. Lomonosov, g. Moscow, Russia. March 2010. – May 2010. – practice period on the course “economic theory” (institute of retraining and increase in the qualification of MGU [im]. M.t. Lomonosov, g. Moscow, Russia). January 2011. – training seminar for the bases of corporate administration (institute of directors, g. Karaganda). February 2011. – practice period on the course “economic theory” (institute of retraining and increase in the qualification of MGU [im]. M.T. Lomonosov, Moscow, c. Russia).

Courses of improvement of qualification and training

In 1999 year – courses on studying of new computer technologies and work on PEM  (KarSTU) 2001 – «Working out of the business plan with use of program EXCEL» (Astana, the Resource network on economic and to a business education). 2001 – accounting and computer accounts department (the Karaganda regional institute of management). 2002-2004 – seminars at courses «Financial account-1», «the Administrative account-1», «Taxes and the right» (program CIPA). Qualification САР – the certificated bookkeeper-expert is appropriated. July, 2005 – the curriculum «System of registration of students in high schools / Activity Office of the Registrar». The seminar is organized within the limits of the Project on business and to economic education at financial organization of support of Agency of the USA on the international development (USAID). November, 2005 – the educational seminar organized by the Consortium of economic researches and formation (EERC): 1 – «The mikrosimulyatsionnyi analys of consequences of tax and social reforms», 2 – «Bases applied on the econometric analysis», 3 – Working out of a social and economic policy. February, 2007 – 1С: the Enterprise (KSTU). November, 2009 – February, 2010 – training on chair of the economic theory of faculty of the government of the Moscow state university of M.V.Lomonosova, Moscow, Russia. March, 2010 – May, 2010 – training at the rate «the Economic theory» (Institute of retraining and improvement of professional skill of the Moscow State University of M.V.Lomonosova, Moscow, Russia). January, 2011 – an educational seminar on corporate governance bases (Institute of directors, Karaganda). February, 2011 – training at the rate «the Economic theory» (Institute of retraining and improvement of professional skill of the Moscow State University of M.V.Lomonosova, Moscow, Russia).

The scientific projects

At 2006 year  – the project «The claster formation of the competitiveness in the Central Kazakhstan» (the Consortium of economic researches and formation and Association of establishments of formation «Education Network») (head).

2008-2009 – fundamental research work «Scientific bases, factors and mechanisms of formation of manufactures with the high added cost in regions with export-raw orientation» (the grant of the Program of basic researches of MON РК, the state registration№ 0106 RК 00448) (Institute of market relations at the Hag of E.A.Buketova) (executor).

Work experience

Since July 1993 – November 1997 – the economist on planning  PEO OS «Karaganda mechanical factory». Since November 1997 till and   nowadays  – the assistant, the senior teacher, the senior lecturer, the professor, managing by department  «Organization of Production» Karaganda state technical university.

Reading  courses

«The analysis of industrial-financial activity of the enterprise», “Marketing”, «the Market analysis», «Marketing researches», «the Administrative account», “Management”, «Management of the organizations», «the Organization of enterprise activity», “Human resource management”, «Communications in the organization», etc.


3 monographies (52,6 p.p.), 5 manuals (44,8 p.p.), 5 electronic textbooks; are published 80 articles and theses of reports (37p.p.).