30 lived! 30 asu! 30 is whitish!

Having witnessed entire epochs, our people have passed a difficult centuries-old path in their development. History bears witness to the great struggle of our people, which was demonstrated during the times of the Sakas and Turks, the Kazakh Khanate and the Great Patriotic War. This is our past and our destiny. The cherished goal of gaining Independence, which our ancestors aspired to, was achieved by the current generation. Therefore, Independence Day is a great holiday for all Kazakhstanis. In 1991, on December 16, the Supreme Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan adopted the Constitutional Law “On State Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the main national holiday, the Day of Independence, the formation of a sovereign state called the “Republic of Kazakhstan”. In this regard, on the eve of the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Department of Higher Mathematics held an online patriotic hour called “30 lived! 30 asu! 30 is whitish! “. The event was organized by the senior teacher Zh.M. Tuleutaeva. and teacher Mergembaeva A.Zh.

The main goal of the event is to convey to the younger generation the importance of the 30th anniversary of Independence and to develop interest in the history of the Motherland, to form the features of patriotism and civic consciousness, to contribute to the education of students’ spirituality and responsibility to the country. During the event, students spoke about the country’s achievements over 30 years of Independence, the political and social situation in the country, education and culture, history, spiritual values, unity and peace. First-year students read patriotic poems, showed videos about significant dates in the history of Kazakhstan for 30 years, talked about the difficult paths and stages of the formation of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Students were shown slides on the topic “30 zhyl! 30 asu! 30 beles!”

We congratulate everyone on this significant holiday! We wish you all peace, kindness, prosperity, new labor achievements, prosperity for our Motherland!