We inform you about the opening of applications for the participation of teachers of the departments specialized departments in a 2–week training within the framework of the current Erasmus + EMINREM project (Act.3.2) in the period from April 21 to May 04, 2024 on the basis of TU Freiberg, Germany


All expenses are covered by the funds of the Erasmus + program.

Deadline for submitting applications: March 04, 2024.

To submit applications, please contact the Center for International Cooperation (office 241, main building). 

Applications within the framework of Erasmus+ are accepted only from the faculty of one of the following departments:

  • “Development of mineral deposits”;
  • “Mine aerology and labor protection”;
  • “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits”. 

Required list of documents:

  1. Valid IELTS certificate (if available) / certificate of the Department of Foreign Language (the date of the interview will be determined by the IRO)
  2. CV (in English)
  3. Motivation letter (in English)
  4. Passport.

Partner University for Erasmus+ trainings:

  1. https://tu-freiberg.de/